Vision & Action Guidelines


Inspire Tokyo. Bring brilliance to life.

Imagine people living, working and gathering on "stages"
that inspire them with excitement,
and make their lives more brilliant over time.
At Sunwood Corporation, we will carefully tailor
each of those stages to the cityscape of Tokyo.

Action Guidelines

To realize our vision,
we will fulfill our responsibilities to people,
the city and society while pursuing "plus one value."

  • Responsibility
    to people
    We will pursue the joy, happiness and benefit of each person
    we meet through our corporate activities as if for ourselves.
  • Responsibility
    to the city
    We aim to maximize the potential of each land lot and building
    to create a cityscape that will maintain its brilliance for a century.
  • Responsibility
    to society
    All employees will work together single-mindedly
    with integrity and transparency toward our customers, shareholders, partners
    and society in order to meet their expectations.