Business Overview

New condominium properties

Tailoring a high-quality residential life

Your home is where you can spend your time in your own unique way. That is why we take privacy seriously and carefully design each residence with a focus on comfortable livability. We work face-to-face with the people who will be living there in order to understand their vision, and tailor a bespoke home that best suits the residents.
A lifetime happens once; we help you live it in a home that is as unique as you are.

Providing the ideal residence

Carefully selected locations. Meticulously chosen materials and equipment. Uncompromising quality. Our premier condominium series focuses on city center locations, offering timeless design and materials, and advanced equipment and facilities. We deliver an outstanding residence that brings a sense of pride both to residents and the city alike.

Turning high-quality housing into common sense

A legacy of beauty and quality that's proud to become the number one residence in the area.
Both our TERRACE brand for families and our compact condominium FLATS brand incorporate the heritage of beauty and quality cultivated in the SUNWOOD series. We emphasize a sense of balance as we pursue salability, and deliver high-quality condominiums to an ever-greater number of people.

Support for Owners

Supporting high-quality living

Hoping to brighten our customers' lives through high-quality living in their homes.
We always put the utmost care into tailoring each condominium residence. But that care doesn't end after moving in. We maintain a long-term relationship with our customers, staying close to their daily lives and helping in a variety of ways to ensure that the high-quality experience continues.


A member's organization that supports the daily lives of owners.
We provide a range of useful information for daily life, long-term after-sales service, 24/7 support for sudden problems, and various other special benefits.

Renovation & remodeling

Fulfilling each customer's new dreams through high-quality renovation and remodeling services.
A highly experienced, dedicated coordinator helps reflect each customer's new vision throughout the entire process, from consultation to design proposals, construction supervision, and after-sales follow-up. We take responsibility and pride as the seller to renovate beyond the quality at the time of moving in, applying our reliable knowledge to select each element and piece of equipment, while bringing long-lasting inspiration and brilliance to our customers' lives.

Brokerage services

Facilitating a smoother sale while anticipating the customer's next residential life.
Because we, as the developer, know all the features of the property in detail, we can make quick and accurate assessments more easily than other intermediary companies. From the standpoint of maintaining the asset value of the entire building, we strive responsibly to achieve a fair price. Another strength is our list of people who are considering purchasing a previously owned Sunwood condominium. We aim for an early sale through a smooth sales process that covers all the bases.

Real estate development & utilization

Maximizing real estate value

Condominium renovation. Reconstruction through equivalent exchange. Commercial property development. Increased value.
We respond to our customers' diverse needs through value regeneration and value-added creation that capitalizes on our knowledge as specialists in urban real estate. We help improve both the value of the surrounding cityscape and the quality of time spent by the people living in the building.

Condominium renovation

Delivering "plus one quality" for a life of satisfaction after moving in.
Our renovation business brings new value to aging condominiums. We draw fully upon our ability to carefully tailor residences that has been cultivated through our experience in planning newly built condominiums, as well as our renovation and remodeling services. From planning of storage space and wet area/plumbed room functionality, to construction supervision, the business flow follows a reliable, in-house integrated system. We also offer robust after-sales service and guarantees to provide a comfortable living environment that is at the forefront of the times.

Income property planning and development WHARF

Creating spaces called "WHARF" that serve as a "wharf" for people who work, gather, and live in Tokyo.
WHARF is a series of development projects for commercial buildings, office buildings, rental housing, etc. designed to maximize land value. We apply our discerning eye developed through long experience in handling real estate in the city center, and couple it with our ability to tailor residences for customer satisfaction. The result is spaces that serve as a "wharf" for people living in Tokyo.

Real estate consulting
Effective utilization proposals

Offering long-term relationships with property owners and help with effective land utilization, including equivalent exchanges.
Do you have family land or a cherished home that has been passed down over the years? We work closely with property owners on such issues as inheritance of these important real estate properties, countermeasures against aging, and improvement of profitability. For example, in the equivalent exchange business, we provide full support for reconstructing buildings, transforming them into a new residence or income property with minimal bother to the owner. For long-term land utilization and peace of mind, as real estate professionals, we will respond to all our customers' needs.

Real Estate Assets

Supporting customers' asset management by providing comprehensive real estate value.
From the many real estate properties that we encounter each day, we carefully select those that are expected to be highly profitable, and implement appropriate value increases to maintain asset value and improve yields. We sell it as an attractive property that meets the needs of tenants. We also carry out a variety of activities related to asset management, such as selling/acquisition of properties, making operation proposals for a building that you own, and reclassification of assets by purchasing or selling investment properties.