President's Message

Tsuyoshi Mori President
Supporting diverse lifestyles
and businesses in Tokyo
with high value-added real estate

Since our founding in 1997, we at Sunwood have focused strongly on offering good locations in Tokyo's city center, and achieving harmony with the cityscape. We have continued to provide high-quality condominiums while placing great importance on delivering both a high degree of freedom in design, layout and equipment modification as well as privacy in daily life, to enrich the lives of the residents.

Our vision, "Inspire Tokyo. Bring brilliance to life.", is an expression of our commitment to this business, and it defines our identity. As time goes on, people's consciousness and behavior will change dramatically due to the rapid evolution of information technology and virtual spaces. However, we shall continue adhering to our vision and goals, precisely responding to the needs of customers who purchase condominiums.

At the same time, we are applying the thinking and know-how cultivated through our core business of condominium development and sales to expand the scope of our operations into new areas, such as the income property development business (WHARF series) for rental residences and office buildings, the renovation business for pre-owned condominiums, and the real estate revitalization business involving pre-owned properties.

Based on our vision, we will continue to boldly take on the challenge of moving into new business areas while further refining our core businesses. And while carefully supporting the diverse lifestyles and businesses of Tokyo through high-value-added real estate, we will advance on the path to becoming a comprehensive real estate company.

Tsuyoshi Mori
Sunwood Corporation