President's Message

Yoshimi Sasaki President
Together with our customers,
for a future filled with
inspiration and brilliance.

In 1997, when people were less conscious of privacy and variety in housing complexes, our company was founded with the idea of "exceeding conventional wisdom in the world of condominiums". Through a privacy-first design, and services for highly flexible design modification, we were determined to provide unique residences for our customers' bespoke living and peace of mind.

During the quarter of a century since then, the determination upon which we were founded has deepened. We have continued wholeheartedly to develop new condominium properties that meet the ideals of each and every resident, mainly in the central Tokyo area. Our history is one of total commitment to creating buildings that are a pride to the cityscape and that deliver a highly satisfying living environment. We call this "tailoring a high-quality residential life."

In recent years, the scope of our business has expanded to include "supporting high-quality living" for residents, and "creating high-quality time" for people as they work or gather. We also focus on providing a range of services for owners and the mixed-use property and real estate development businesses.

At present, we have defined our corporate vision as: "Inspire Tokyo. Bring brilliance to life." It represents our new commitment to continue evolving toward the next quarter century while building on the values we have cherished so far. Based on this vision, all employees will work together to create a stage that will bring more excitement to the city of Tokyo and bring more brilliance to the lives of our customers.

Yoshimi Sasaki
Sunwood Corporation