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In Minato Ward, redevelopment is underway for 2020. This ward has a prestigious residential district known as the “3A” area, named after Akasaka, Aoyama and Azabu. It is considered highly promising due in part to its potential asset value and future prospects. It attracts attention from investors in Japan and all over the world.Sunwood Aoyama will be located in the center of the 3A area.

Roppongi Hills (approx. 1,620 meters/21-minute walk)
Tokyo Midtown (approx. 910 meters/12-minute walk)

Sunwood Aoyama will be built more than 30 meters above sea level.With a gorgeous view and optimal ground conditions, this elevation in the city center is well-known as a picturesque location. Many samurai residences were built in this area.Today, it is still known as a time-honored mansion area, where the lush greenery of Akasaka Goyochi and other places creates a hospitable environment.


A luxurious space that lavishly welcomes you

The moment you enter, its beauty will catch your eye. The entrance hall is designed as a foyer, as seen in hotels and mansions in Western countries. It has an atmosphere that feels as though you are in a prestigious gallery in Aoyama or the surrounding area.

Conceptual rendering of the foyer (entrance hall)
Conceptual rendering of the salon lounge (entrance hall)
Building materials (photo taken in July 2017; for illustration purposes only)

A warm space designed with the uncompromising pursuit of genuine materials to welcome guests.The limestone floor with a premium feel, the natural deluxe wood, the fine stonework and sophisticated furniture all catch your eyes as you gradually enter a private area.
The space creates a moment of hospitality for your important guest, which is beautiful and impressive.

Representative Director Tokyo Office of Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA)
JW Marriott Hotel Macau

HBA is a hospitality design firm headquartered in Santa Monica, California, the U.S., with 23 offices worldwide.
It has designed a large number of spaces, including those for the Ritz-Carlton, Macau, Hilton Beijing and Four Seasons Kyoto.

Representative of TinoKwan Lighting Consultants
The Peninsula Tokyo

Tino Kwan has designed lighting with a touch of class for the boutiques of Louis Vuitton and Armani.
He has created a large number of outstanding works, including ones at the International Finance Centre (IFC) in Hong Kong, Grand Hyatt Shanghai, The Peninsula Tokyo and Four Seasons Hotel Macao.


Living dining
Living dining
Living dining


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Make your ideal a reality.Order-Made Plus allows you to create your desired residence.

Order-Made Plus caters to various needs.We offer this service that helps you to create your ideal residence under the concept of designing your residence based on your lifestyle, instead of designing your lifestyle based on your residence.


Flagship residences designed to commemorate our 20th anniversary

At Sunwood Corporation, we have worked on condominium projects in Minato Ward and other areas in central Tokyo.We carefully select locations whose district names serve as a kind of brand name and will work to create quality lifestyles and residences by designing each residence in pursuit of comfortable living. Having celebrated our 20th anniversary, we will finally enter Aoyama. We will produce Sunwood Aoyama, which will be known as the culmination of our activities to be handed down to future generations.

Setting the stage for a quality life

[1] Akasaka Tower Residence Top of the Hill [2] Forest Terrace Shoto [3] Sunwood Daikanyama Sarugaku-cho [4] Sunwood Shoto [5] Sunwood Nishi-Azabu [6] Sunwood Akasaka Hikawa


Map of the Surrounding Area

Access: 3-minute walk from Exit 4 South of Aoyama 1-chome Station on Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Toei Oedo Line

*The computer rendering of the exterior was created by combining renderings based on drawings from the planning phase with photos of the views to the north that were taken in June 2017 in the actual location (at an altitude of approx. 23 meters). Accordingly, they differ from the actual exterior views of the buildings. These renderings do not show details of the exterior walls, equipment and appliances and other elements. The textures, colors and other elements of the tiles and other members may look different on the actual buildings. The commanding view and environment may change in the future and is not guaranteed. This is a CG image based on aerial photos (taken in April 2017) and it therefore differs from the actual views. *1: Operating hours: 6:30 to 23:30 *The aerial image is a CG image that was created based on an aerial photo (taken in April 2017). It differs from the actual view. *The figures for walking time are estimated, calculated by assuming that it takes one minute to walk 80 meters, with figures rounded up. *The conceptual renderings were created based on drawings in the planning phase. The actual appearance differs from the renderings. *The drawings were created in the planning phase. They are subject to change due to construction work or others.*Please be aware that there are deadlines for registering for select options and individual design planning.